29-11-2022-Billabong High International School,

29-11-2022-Billabong High International School, Rewa conducted introductory sessions for its students of Grade 8 to 12 to understand the concept of ‘Design Thinking’.
Design thinking is an innovative problem-solving process embedded in a set of skills. The approach has been around for decades, but it only started gaining grip outside of the design community after the 2008 Harvard Business Review article.
Since then, the design thinking process has been applied to developing new products and services, and to a whole range of problems, from creating a business model for selling solar panels in Africa to the operation of Airbnb.
Moving ahead with the practical aspect of ‘Design Thinking’ students will now be proceeding with the steps involved in the design thinking process through fully understand the problem; second, explore a wide range of possible solutions; third, iterate extensively through prototyping and testing; and finally, implement through the customary deployment mechanisms.

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