Drawing and Painting Lessons

Each class is taught by a Master’s degree-certified teacher. Children with hearing loss receive additional services from a licensed Teacher of the Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

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29-11-2022-Billabong High International School,

29-11-2022-Billabong High International School, Rewa conducted introductory sessions for its students of Grade 8 to 12 to understand the concept of ‘Design Thinking’.

Ekyam Fest

Dedicated to the martyrs of ‘Black Day’ 26-11-2008, Billabong high international school, Rewa dedicated its Annual fest, staged on 26-11-2022, for saluting the heroic deed of the martyrs of Mumbai police and the Indian army.

Kangaroo Kids Fest

Kangaroo Kids Fest
Marking the day-1 of Ekyam Fest, Billabong High International School, staged the performance of its kindergarten students.
The show kept the eyes of the audience gleaming with surprise when the young ones performed their skills on the stage without a flaw.


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